Get Clarity on How to Improve your Local Presence

If you don’t show up when prospective clients search for your law firm, they may end up hiring less competent, less caring attorneys who took the time to build an effective online presence. In our opinion, that just ain’t right.

Key Benefits of a Local SEO Audit for Your Law Firm

Find Technical Issues Limiting your Performance

Site structure and other on-page factors influence your firm’s visibility in local search. Identify fixes to unlock better visibility for your website content.

Evaluate your Presence in Legal Directories where You Could Be Found Online

Directory listings send signals to Google that your business exists and you are considered an expert in your niche.

Get your Website Authority Score to Benchmark Against the Competition

Your website authority score drives rankings, which drives traffic, which drives leads and consultation.

Book a Time to Review the Results Together

If you feel lost in the data and want a pair of eyes from a professional, choose a convenient time to review your audit together.