About Us


5+ Years of Legal Marketing Excellence

As a busy attorney, you face the daily challenge of balancing client work with managing and growing your practice. Developing and executing effective marketing campaigns can be overwhelming, leaving your firm’s growth potential untapped.

At BPAgency, we understand the unique demands on attorneys and law firms. We are here to manage your marketing needs, allowing you to focus on what you do best—practicing law and serving your clients.

Creators of the StorySearch Marketing Method

How We Bring in Consistent, Quality Cases, Month after Month.

Narrative Branding

Crafting a compelling narrative that highlights your firm’s unique strengths and values.

SEO & PPC Excellence

Using search-first platforms (Google & YouTube) to capture demand from clients who need your services.

Intake Mastery

Helping you find the right words to turn phone calls into consultations and consults into clients.

Data-Driven Adjustments

Continuously optimizing strategies based on performance data to achieve the best results.

Meet the Team

Benji Albrecht, Founder & Lead Strategist

Benji combines extensive marketing expertise with firsthand experience of the challenges and rewards of growing a law firm from 6 to 7 figures. With an MBA focused in Internet Marketing and a proven track record of delivering measurable ROI for his clients, Benji stands out from the sea of new agencies serving lawyers and law firms.

Starting at a tax and estate planning firm, Benji worked his way from paralegal to marketing director, where he oversaw 400% revenue growth. As a deep generalist* with a  focus in SEO, Benji brings a diverse skillset to address the multifaceted needs of growth-oriented law firms. His ability to craft compelling narratives and distribute a compelling marketing message using digital channels has proven highly effective in attracting and converting leads into paying clients.

Benji’s dedication to staying ahead of digital trends and his extensive experience in legal marketing make him an invaluable asset to anyone looking to stand out in a competitive market and achieve measurable & profitable growth.


A deep generalist, as defined by Brendan Hufford, is a professional who merges expertise in one field with a wide-ranging knowledge of related areas. This unique combination enables them to see connections and insights that narrow specialists may overlook.

Their proficiency in both synthesis and analysis empowers them to tackle complex problems effectively, aligning solutions with the client’s overall business goals and strategy.*

Jonathan Perry, Marketing Assistant

Jon brings a wealth of experience in content creation and social media management to BPAgency, where he plays a pivotal role in supporting our clients.

With a background in Technical Communications and a minor in Human Systems Engineering from Arizona State University, Jonathan blends technical precision with user experience (UX) design to help develop websites that rank high in the search engines and convert visitors into leads. 

Prior to BPAgency, Jon managed content creation content for prominent social media personalities and brands. At Blondetrack9, he served as the Editor and Content Manager, driving engagement for a TikTok creator with over 30,000 followers and achieving a remarkable 3.1 million likes. His work involved pioneering trends within the TikTok gaming community and producing captivating content using the Adobe Creative Suite.

Why Choose Us?

We Bring 8+ Years of Legal Experience

We understand the time and energy demands of managing a law firm, and the challenges associated with growing a legal practice.

You Own Everything

Your website, your data, and every piece of marketing collateral we create for you.

Don’t get locked into proprietary platforms and long-term contracts.

We Care About You

You aren’t just another line-item on a report somewhere.

We care about your success and will do everything in our power to help you achieve it.

We Communicate

You’ll know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, so you can rest assured your marketing is in good hands.